Choosing a Day Camp for Your Son or Daughter

Children need structure, yet they also need the time to play and explore new activities. Summer is the perfect time to allow them to do so, yet many parents struggle to find a camp that provides the right balance between the two. Although there are a wide range of day camps to select from, based on one’s budget, interest and schedule, parents must find one that meets their child’s needs in other ways also. What should one be searching for as they go to make this selection?

The first thing to consider is the interests of the child. Although children need to be exposed to a wide range of activities, parents should find a camp that allows them to participate in favorite activities while also being exposed to new ones. Explore a number of camps with the child to see which ones grab his or her interest and camps for teens learn more about the overall camp experience. Doing so helps to reduce any anxiety the children may experience as a result of being away from the parent for hours each day.


Search for a camp that has been accredited through the American Camp Association, as this association has set standards specifically for day camps. Determine which type of training the camp staff undergoes. You want to ensure they will supervise the children, work with them to solve a problem when it arises and keep the child safe at all times. Consider the price of the camp, making sure to ask if there are additional fees for pictures, meals, transportation and more. Parents need to ask if they are welcome to visit the camp at any time or if there are specific times set aside for visits and whether they will be allowed to meet staff members before camp actually begins. Finally, ask how much freedom the children will have. Do they move between activities alone or will a counselor be present at all times?

Many turn to Badger Sports Club ( when searching for a camp for their child. This facility provides a flexible camper schedule and excellent counselor to camper ratio. Children receive door to door transportation under constant supervision and participate in a wide range of activities, including crafts and sports. Certified Registered Nurses are on staff and the dietary needs of children are easily met with the hot lunches provided. Badger Sports Club has been accredited through The American Camp Association, providing parents with peace of mind their child is being taken care of. If you’re searching for a day camp for your son or daughter, Badger Sports Club should definitely be on the list of camps to consider.

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